Carlisle Galaxy F.C

Who we are:

Starting in 2020, Carlisle Youth Football is proudly opening a new decade with  Carlisle Galaxy – starting with a new junior football club for kids under 11s and U16s who play in the Carlisle Glass Youth League. To serve the Carlisle Football Community, we are committed to credibility, strength and passion to deliver the best value to your child’s development.


Carlisle Galaxy is a football organization that emphasizes physical education and creativity. Our purpose is empower children, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, size, ability level, or economic status, to lead a healthy lifestyle, improve their social interaction, and channel their youthful energy to reach their potential.

We put great emphasis on the development of players at all levels: Recreational, Competitive.

  • Good Sportsmanship: Create good sportsmanship through a positive learning environment
  • Positive Coaching: Encourage kids to have fun while learning skills
  • Everyone Plays: Our goal is for kids to play soccer and make memories with their peers
  • Open Registration: Our programs are open to all kids under 14s
  • Opportunities: Allow kids to discover their potential and keep active during summer and /or after school

Benefits for your child when joining our club:

Sports and physical activities offer a myriad of positive benefits for teenagers during their early development. Participation in a team sport fosters character growth in your child, as well as significantly boosts their physical and emotional well-being.

Enrolling your children in soccer not only builds their character and skills, it engages them into the global community of soccer players. Children in their early teenage years, if not properly directed, may waste their energy on staying indoors playing video games or get bogged down with negative temptations. Redirecting their energy to team sports fosters a sense of community, the ability to connect and work together, to compromise and form strategies.

Here are some additional benefits that our club offers:

  1. Fosters self confidence:

Playing football is a great way for children to build confidence and improve their image. Through working hard, winning, and getting to know their own capabilities, confidence and self-esteem in your child will soar.

The increased coordination that comes from regular sports practice helps improve your child’s posture and develop a leaner figure. Believe it or not, a good physical appearance plays a big role in going out to the world and projecting a high level of confidence. A low energy and low confident teenager tends to be a target for bullying at school and decreased academic performance.

In our experience, players of competitive sports such as soccer tend to see their hard work and perseverance pay dividends on the field with their sports performance, and they learn to apply those lessons to the other areas of their life as well.

  1. Build leadership skill:

For every 10 high achievers, 80% of them engage in some type of competitive sports. Sitting around all day, playing games, watching TV or studying all day, are all passive activities. Kids need to balance academic, brainy activities with intense physical training.

Football is not about taking directions and following commands all the time. It is one of the most self directed sports out there. After many hours of training on the field, many kids develop an incredible intuition and a knack for quick decision making under extreme pressure. Your child will acquire all the skills needed for leadership all at once while playing on the field. Forming trust, cooperation, adaptability and respect for other team members is the core of playing in our soccer league.

  1. Forge social bonds:

We guide your children through working towards a common goal. They will make unforgettable memories playing with and against one another. We foster healthy competitions, consistent cooperation in planning out strategies, and effective time management, your children will be able to bring these invaluable skills along with them into the real world, excelling at any careers they end up with. They will learn to respect and fair play with both their peers and their competitors no matter what the result is.

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